Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update Since my last Post

It has been a really busy time as I settle in to my new job. It has been a real homecoming for me and catching up with everything that happened while I was gone.

In any case, I am running for Fiscal Officer for YALSA and we taped an interview session last Friday. It was the first time we used the equipment, and Maurice did a terrific job directing, editing and putting the whole thing together. There is a "hidden clue" in the taping to one of my favorite movie characters and my office decor theme. Actually, the clue is not so hidden but you do have to look closely!
The video will be posted soon. Thanks!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 9 - Thing 22 - Learn About Audiobooks

Things 22 - I explored BCPL's Overdrive service and is somewhat familiar with the titles available. I also went into Project Gutenberg and was very impressed with the incredible list of books in numerous foreign languages. I wasn't aware of this resource which is free. I searched several authors and found, among other titles, that Little Women is available through Project Gutenberg.

Week 9 - #21 Podcasts

I agree that podcasts do remind of old time radio shows. The amount of podcasts available is stunning. Adding the RSS feed is a little tricky (using dial up) but I set it up on My Yahoo page (blocked from setting it up on my blog...sigh) through Yahoo Podcasts. I also checked out podcastalley.com. I participated in a podcast for YALSA last winter using Skype...it was really cool.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Week 9 - #23 My Thoughts about 23 Things

What are my thoughts about the 23 Things and Library 2.0? This has been a really useful process to go through. I have learned much and feel that my knowledge has increased. So much to think about and how we can use it in public library land.

At times it was very challenging especially when working from home using dial up. You could possibly spend hours and hours in front of your computer being creative and doing all sorts of fun things.

Yeah! Finally completed!!! Really finally completed...double yeah!!!

Week 9 - #20

I found the perfect video, Captain Jack Sparrow in the Library on You Tube. Check it out.

Week 8 - Things 18 & 19 Online Productivity Tools & Thing 19 Web 2.0 Awards

Thing 18 - What a way to provide access to spreadsheets, word processing, publishers, etc. This definitely changes the way we view software and uses. Projects can be shared easily and access will be fron anywhere. Software manufacturers really need to start thinking what this means.

Thing 19 - Web 2.0 Awards - Selected eventful.com and searched upcoming events and activities for the Denver area. Really cool features which search results for today, next 7 days, next 30 days, future and even the past. Lots of listing with a wide variety of activites ranging from concerts, exercise classes and even library listings! This has definite potential for BCPL and other public libraries.

Week 7 - Thing 16 Wikis and Thing 17 Sandbox

Thing 16 - Folks have created Wiki content in many different ways. The public library information Wiki is incredible and really interesting concept to use a wiki rather than intranet for staff...hmmm...need to think about this. Definitely a wiki is useful for projects and interaction.

Thing 17 - Sandbox was fun...especially for us Pirates! Added Surfing Pirate's Favorite Things to Sandbox and linked my blog. Not sure if like the long "laundry lists" of linked blogs and favorites but it was interesting to see how much work has taken place.